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Swapneel Speaks is my attempt to put into words what I see through my eyes and understand about the people, events and circumstances that are changing the world, both for good and for worse. This platform is my medium to present my views on a myriad range of subjects and hopefully a medium to find people who share similar views. So welcome to my blog and hope you will like what I write (read rant) about how the world looks to me!

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Politics, social media and erosion of public faith

Man is a social animal by nature. Our whole civilization is built upon our ability to live in a social structure and cooperate with each other. Socialization is the reason why language and communication were invented; it is why stories and poems are written. Our ability to present our thoughts and emotions in a coherent manner before others is one of the prime reasons we have become the supreme species on the planet. read more

Politics, social media and erosion of public faith

Ask any random person about what they adore the most about social media and the answer will probably be cute baby videos, dog pictures, DIY videos and the ever addictive short clips that are known by various names across various platforms. Hearing this, you would probably get a very rosy picture of the internet and social media being a very happy and positive place for everyone to share the good parts of their lives, which probably it is for the most of the time. But post something sensitive and see the very same people with the “positive vibes only” captions in their bio fight with you or each other for hours on end. read more

Fake News and Elections; using the shield of Free Speech as a sword to attack the foundation stone of Democracy

We humans are social animals and our entire existence is dependent on our ability to live in societies and cooperate with each other. To do this, we have developed a set of codes to express our emotions as well as inform others about the reality. We call this communication. From the very early stages of human existence, it has been an implied notion that every man is free to say what he wishes to say so as to present before others his point of view. With the gradual development in the human way of life from hunter gatherers to settled agriculturists to kingdoms and modern day societies, this notion has been upheld with a few modifications to enable it fit better with the requirements of the society of that time. This is what we call the concept of Free Speech. read  more

Locate the very best GBA games

Complying with in the footprints of the Game Kid as well as Video Game Child Color, the Game Child continued to do what made use of to make him so good. Have a look at our list of the very best GBA video games right here and also you must know why they have fantastic games that show one of the most improvements for consoles. The Gameboy Advance has remarkable graphics power, video game cube connectivity, and wonderful third-party support from Square, Capcom, Konami and also later Sega. And also a ton of restricted leading variations like Legend of Zelda: Mini Cape and Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
The GBA was not just an effective machine, with the ability of running mobile variations of timeless SNES video games like A Web link to the Past, however additionally home to a number of specialized games including Drill Dodger as well as Bokai: The Sunlight in Your Hands. Is. Loosen up as you view the very best GBA video games on the powerful Nintendo mini-console.

Mini Cape The Legend of Zelda

While Eiji Aonuma, who has actually seen the collection because Ocarina, not does anything, Mini Cape still seems like a standard Zelda video game. The front runner is currently doing interesting things with the Boy Shade Oracle series, and MiniCaps builds on that power by boosting aspects such as dungeon design and mastering all the brand-new black skills in Link. Nonetheless, the web link to reduce the stroke size of the mini baseball cap is a new feature. This makes the puzzle aspects of the collection a lot better as you have to reoccur between farms to find new paths as well as various obstacles. Islo, the preferred speaking hat in the video game, is likewise a fantastic enhancement, and also his fascinating comments include a lot of humor as you explore the world of flagship wise design. Lassie Zelda’s games aren’t much better than this. On our site, you can find an emulator that can support your preferred console games and then download compatible watchseries.

Super Mario Advancement 2: Super Mario World

We would love to maintain this checklist simply the system, however would certainly be dissatisfied if we did not note the portable version of the most effective 2D system. It primarily resembles part of the superhero system included on the SNES, but with some tweaks, from making the characters a lot more colorful as well as a lot more prominent, to adding a brand-new dragon coin to the stage where they initially originated from. Not active in Yes, and also Luigi is also a playable personality. It’s not the most intelligent update, but as the most recent Extremely Mario 3D All-Star Switch over collection has actually shown, growing the system is very hard.

Pokemon Ruby/ Sapphire/ Emerald green

Pokemon Fire Red as well as Leaf Green are wonderful Pokemon games in their own right, but we ended up in this triangular RPG anyway. A lot of PokГ©mon fans were unhappy with the game’s strange choice that they might not bring their old PokГ©mon (that is, for the very first time they could not capture whatever), and the new engine as well as not depending on old video games indicated that the series was significant brand-new take. You can enter brand-new directions, include fights, or provide brand-new natural abilities as well as characters that identify various other attractive creatures that you have enthusiastically tried to gather.